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Do you love your hair but hate washing it? Everyone has that one dreaded day they set out of the month to wash their hair. I have a 4c hair type and it hates me even on a good day. So, to all my ladies (or fellas) with the kinky curls, straight hair, long hair, short hair, etc., I’m here to share my wash day experience with you guys! 

  1. Pre-washing plan

BEFORE washing your hair, part your hair in 4-6 sections depending on your hair thickness. 

You’re going to need a Denman brush, hair clips, good scrunchies, and hair oil. 

 As you work through your hair, keep the sections secured with a reliable scrunchy until you’re ready to style it. After parting your hair, lightly apply an oil of your choice to your scalp. l like to use peppermint oil and tea tree oil  to help aid the blood flow and break down of excess buildup.

  1. Shampoo

This is only the first stage of getting that deep clean feel that’ll leave your hair feeling delicious and your scalp feeling breezy. With this stage, you want to have a good shampoo that is specific for your hair texture to get a better clean.  For example, I try not to use sulfate-based products because they strip your hair of all oils, and it tangles my hair. I like to use Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree & Lemon Sage thickening shampoo with the presence of peppermint, lemon, and tea tree oil my scalp feels nice and refreshed.

For a good deep-clean, shampoo your hair twice- first gently finger-combing through, and on the second wash run a detangling comb through your hair while you’re still shampooing. If it doesn’t sound like you’re biting into an apple during this then you’re not doing it right. DO NOT forget your scalp! This is where all the dirt and grime is, so make sure to really get in there good to help in the long run.

Here’s a side tip: Only shampoo your hair as often as needed. Because my hair texture is 4c, it’s more beneficial for me to only shampoo my hair once or twice a month.

  1. Deep Conditioning

Thoroughly rinse the shampoo out of your hair and secure your sections. This is the MOST important part! The conditioner you use defines your curls and body health. Shea moisture’s Low porosity  conditioner works best for me.  If you have constant trouble finding a good conditioner, try this quick quiz (click here) to help narrow down your options. 

Each section of hair needs a generous amount of conditioner applied for maximum effect. Use your detangling brush to ensure no strand is missed. Once you’ve covered your entire head you can wash it out, or you can cover your hair and leave it in overnight, or at least a few minutes for a deep condition. Apply heat to your hair while the conditioner is soaking to allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair shafts for maximum hydration. 

  1. Rinse

Rinse out the conditioner out with cool water rather than hot. Cool water closes your hair follicles ensuring the nutrients in the shampoo and conditioner are locked in. Before you style, go through your sections once more to check for any product remnants and apply more hair oil throughout your scalp. As you go through your hair, take note of how soft and clean it feels.

Now the first half of your wash day is done and it’s off to styling! So, go forth my little butterfly and style your newly washed hair to your heart’s content.


Phaedra Starks

Louisiana Tech '21

My voice may be small but my attitude is bigger and my hair is thicker. Louisiana Tech Forestry Wildlife major
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