Dear Younger Me: College

Dear Younger Me, 

If you are reading this, you are beginning to think about where to go to college. I know you feel like you need to go to the “best” university you can get into. Trust me, you can be successful at any accredited college. “Best” is often equated with the most expensive and not necessarily a better fit for you as a student or developing young adult. I hope you choose a college where you feel comfortable, and that offers you the financial freedom after graduation to work at your dream job and not where you feel you need to to pay off student loans.

Best wishes, 

Older You 

Overhead view of Students In Class Photo by Mikael Kristenson from Unsplash Dear Younger Me, 

If you are reading this, you are in your freshman year of college! Congratulations! I know you’ve chosen a major, but please pay attention to how you feel in your general education courses. If a subject sparks your interest and you feel on fire learning about it, I would encourage you to consider what majors could lead to a career that makes you feel like that. Take advantage of your career counselors, alumni, and professors. Your major will not necessarily define you or even define your career, and you can always change your mind, but trust me, it’s less painful to get it “right” the first time around. 

Get ready for a wild ride, 

Older You

two women sitting on a car Photo by Elijah O'Donnell from Pexels Dear Younger Me, 

If you are reading this, you’re experiencing “adulthood”. The first time you experience this may come in many forms, maybe it’s not being able to pay your rent, getting fired from a job, failing a class you’re paying for, having to end an unhealthy friendship, or filing taxes. You may feel very alone, and you may feel like you are not prepared. If I can offer you any solace it is this: no one knows what they are doing, at least not all the time, and it is okay to make mistakes and ask for help. Growing up doesn’t have to mean you can only rely on yourself. And not having all the answers does not mean you aren’t exactly where you belong. 

Hang in there, 

Older you

Photo by Ekrulila from Pexels Dear Younger Me, 

If you are reading this, you are worried about your future. After you graduate will you have a job? Will it just serve to pay your bills or will it be a jumpstart to your career? Will you love your career? Will your career support your lifestyle? Life after graduation is certainly not set in stone. But it will be what you make it. You may not know what your life has in store for you, but I encourage you to continue doing what you’ve been doing all your life: take it one step at a time. By all means, dream and plan for your future, but don’t view after graduation as simply “the rest of your life” there are still milestones left for you to create and celebrate for yourself. “The rest of your life” can feel daunting, but remember you’ve been making decisions for the future you all this time, don’t get cold feet now! You are going to graduate. Relish in that. Regardless of what your path looked like to get to this point, graduating from college is a privilege and an accomplishment. Don’t forget to enjoy your last few months, and get excited about the next step. You deserve it. 

You got this, 

Older You