Complaining Does Work…For Women

Complaining is like art. People always see something different. Some view it as constructive criticism to solve issues, others see it as negativity while some see it as purely a waste of time.  Part of the reason is that our society has a complicated perspective on complaining.   Basically, who is allowed to complain? In my life, I’ve had an interesting observation. When prestigious men in power complain, the world stops to listen. When anyone else, especially women, complains, the world stops to silence them.  It is an old cliché that says 'Complaining is useless'…or is it? Think of what would have happened if women were silent and didn’t complain. 

Feminist activist holding sign Photo by lucia on Unsplash Women have a history of complaining about disrespect, lack of voting rights, reproductive rights.  Women have complained about equality, sexual harassment, patriarchy and the list goes on.  Emily Dickenson. Sojourner Truth. Angela Davis. Gloria Steinem. Initially, society attempted to silence and negatively labeled these women. But due to their complaints look at where we are now. We’ve accomplished so much. 

girls rule written on socks by Pexels Photo by CoWomen from Pexels Complaining is resistance, especially to the patriarchy. We use our voice, an unshakable force, that fails to be silenced-to resist the patriarchy. When we complain, we resist. There’s value in complaining. Women do not have to be subjected to silence. Complaining has gotten us this far, and I do not think we need to stop now. Keep complaining until your voice is heard.