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As you get older, you will learn that are levels to having a best friend. I am sure we could all agree that if they can handle you, at your worst, then they are keepers. It takes a special someone to see your growth and support you along the way. We all know the saying, “everyone is not your friend”.

It is a blessing to have a best friend for so many reasons. We know most of them. That person must earn that title. You must observe who they are. Trust your instinct. If their actions show you something is not right, believe it.

[bf_image id="sjxpm5hgpk9cqm8x7c3jq"] Everyone will not be able to handle you. That is an expectation we should let go of. You will know those that are meant to be in your life. For me, the best way to know is to watch who will be your side when you are going through a rough time in your life. It will determine who has your best interests at heart. 

A best friend is special, and they are the ones you should build a strong foundation with. There will not be any doubts or worries; if any issues occur, communication will not be a problem. The understanding between you all will be a piece of cake. 

[bf_image id="s5mh787bf7mcq9nq7tkfvn"] It is a wonderful feeling to make happy memories together, be supportive, and talk out your problems if any comes up. Don’t throw a friendship away over something petty or a misunderstanding. It is rare to have a solid friendship; those are the best ones!

Melanie Munoz

Louisiana Tech '22

Senior at Louisiana Tech University; Graphic design major I'm all about uplifting women, it's needed
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