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Does anyone else’s brain restart itself when someone asks what they want for Christmas? It’s not like we all don’t have a whole list of things we like and want in our wishlist for amazon. Then later when it's around the time to buy the items from the list, you sort of change your mind. I have no idea why this happens, but I find that a little help goes a long way. In this case, I will be giving a random (yet cool or useful) list of items that I think you would enjoy. If you are more of a giver than a receiver, maybe this will give you some ideas on what to give as a Christmas gift. I, also, will make this list’s prices on the inexpensive side due to the pandemic!



Oh! Did you think I was going to start naming things that are popular on TikTok and other social media? That’s no fun. What a DoDow is you ask? Well, it is a cool sleep aid that illuminates at two different settings that are meant to put to sleep in less than 30 minutes. Pretty much anyone and everyone would love this.


2. PhotoStick

This is just a USB for your phone's pictures. You can save 256 GB worth of photos on this cute and small drive. There’s a guarantee that you will not have to worry about losing any valuable photos with this gadget in your possession. The first photos added could be the ones you take on Christmas!


3. Unique set of candles

When I say a unique set of candles, I mean that candles come in shapes, colors, and scents. Whether you are buying them for yourself or another person, these fun, statement decorations will lighten up any room of the house! 


4. Kimono/robe

Personally, I think this an underrated household item. Talk about comfort when you finish your relaxing bath or shower. There are also men's kimonos as well!


5. Personalized gift boxes

They are like gift baskets, but with a box wrapped in Christmas paper. It's pretty cool to have a box filled with all your favorite little things. These feel a bit more sincere and heartfelt in a way. The box could be filled with their favorite food, accessories, or favorite colors. You can get pretty creative with this one. 


The holidays can put on a lot of stress, especially for the givers. The pressure to buy the best gifts has always been immense even before the pandemic. However, this should make us appreciate the holidays even more. Hopefully, you all can see your family. If not there is nothing wrong with sending some love and support from afar. Don’t forget to show love and support for the small businesses, too. They will appreciate your service more than those bigger corporations.

Brianna Fielding

Louisiana Tech '22

Hello! I am junior at LA Tech University. My major is Medical Technology but what I really love to do is be creative. Whether it is DIY projects, sewing, painting, etc. Random fact:I love sunflowers and roses! (Best combination of flowers to me) ^_^
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