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3 ways to stay in(sane)ley organized this quarter 

As this quarter starts to shift into gear, you get busy. Clubs, sororities, autumn football, meeting that one guy in your apartment for coffee at 6, and unfortunately, classes.  You start off the school year with this HUGE goal that you’re gonna absolutely crush it- no late assignments, a’cing all of your quizzes, and writing in your cute planner! You’ve got all the cute pens and supplies, all you gotta do is be a successful, stress-free student in the midst of it- easy enough, right? Well, sure, if you have literally no social life or responsibilities. But us Girl (and Boy) Bosses are always on the go, rocking it! The last thing we need is an unorganized mess slowing us down! Here’s three things to help you stay insanely organized this quarter. 

1. Actually use your planner 

You probably spent more than you intended to on that cute planner that just so happened to have everything you needed to get through the quarter, or so you convinced yourself at the time. Use it, girl! Planners are finely equipped with the tools you need to be an organized student, like monthly layouts, weekly planning layouts, and in some, to-do lists. Make it an everyday habit to write your assignments and organization meetings the day you hear about them, so you won’t have any excuse to forget.

2. Write a daily to-do list 

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy; you can literally use a sheet of paper or an index card. At the end of the day, or in the morning before class, jot down some things that you know you have to knock out for the day. Trust me, crossing them off once you get them done is the most satisfying feeling ~ever~. (Don’t feel afraid to write sleep on that to-do list!)

3. Make sure you’re in class and organization meetings

In order to have anything to put in the planner or on the to-do lists, you’ve gotta be in class to know when the next assignment is due, or if there are any pop quizzes. The same rule goes for your organization. If you have any extracurricular commitments, be there! The best way to get information is for yourself, in the moment, when you’re there. Don’t let the snooze button get the best of you in the AM, and don’t let stress get the best of you in the PM. You got this!!

College life is hard, but being unorganized is harder. Keeping a clear, neat mind can relieve more stress than you might think, and can in return, get you better grades, and a better college experience.


Dorian Baker

Louisiana Tech '22

Hey y’all, I’m Dori! I’m a CIS major, with a minor in military science! I love working out, and I’m OBSESSED with Oh Wonder! I chose HC because the potential that the organization has to change young women’s lives is absolutely admirable. I look forward to helping out as many of you amazing ladies as I can!! ☆ just keep swimming ☆
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