3 Plants for Plant Lovers that Don’t Have a Green Thumb

Plants, flowers, and gardens are beautiful to look at and to have around. There are some individuals that are amazing planters and can keep flowers looking lively and beautiful. Then there are some that are not. If you’re someone who loves to keep plants but can’t keep them alive, don’t worry! Here are some plants that are hard to kill that you can keep around.

Aloe Vera- this plant’s gel is super beneficial for skin and hair.  It doesn’t need much sunlight, but never looks bad near a window. Water aloe plants every few days or when soil is dry.

Philodendron- this hanging plant can make any place look like a tropical paradise. Like aloe vera, it doesn’t need much sunlight and look great on shelves/windows. Water philodendron every few days to make it last.

Orchids- these lovely flowers can last up to eight weeks if taken care of. Water and sunlight will do the trick. Some recommend using an ice cube once a week on the soil to water.

See, there are plants that are difficult to kill. These beautiful plants are able to survive even if their owners don’t have green thumbs. Spring is here, now go get them flowers!