10 Painting Date Ideas

I, for one, am a huge fan of painting as a hobby, and there are so many ways to be creative with it. Why not make it more special, and do it with someone important to you… significant other, friend, family member, etc. Painting is all-inclusive. I've created a list of painting date ideas to help you get started with something fun and creative! There’s no need to be perfect with this… remember it’s just for fun:)

The great thing about a date like this is that you can pretty much do it anywhere you feel comfortable… inside, outside at a park, your backyard, on a picnic-- whatever works best for you.


#1 Painting Class

If this option is available to you, it’s a great way to get started and have someone guide you through the process. This can help ease any stress you may have about being a beginner.


#2 Bob Ross Inspired

This is another option to allow you to have someone guide you through the process and help teach you. Plus it could be a really fun idea regardless, especially if you’re a Bob Ross fan. His videos can be found on Youtube. 


#3 Portraits

The portraits could either be of yourself or each other, your choice. However, to add a fun twist to this, try creating a portrait without actually drawing the person-- be as creative as you’d like with it. 


#4 Flower Pots

These could be painted for decor, actual use, or both! You can buy one or paint one you already have. To add to the date, buy seeds and soil then plant something in it as well.


#5 Picnic

If you do decide to go on a picnic and can’t think of anything to paint, paint something in the scenery around you like flowers, trees, water, etc!


#6 Wall Decor

Paint something you’d like to go on your wall. It could be decorative, abstract, quotes-- anything you’d like!


#7 Album Cover

Recreate your favorite album cover, or paint a replication of how a certain song makes you feel.


#8 Famous Painting

Recreate a famous painting, and make it your own by adding your own twists and interpretations of it.


#9 Jean Jackets

Paint on the back of a jean jacket or T-shirt. Honestly, you could do this with any article of clothing you feel comfortable with. Remember to make sure you get paint made for fabric for this one.


#10 Finger Painting

Finger painting could be fun for all types of things. For this date, tear out pages of a coloring book and paint it with your fingers. This one is super easy and fun, and it helps lower any expectations and creative blocks you may have. The drawing is already there for you, just have fun with it.

The best part about painting is how creative you can be with it. You can make it your own and do what makes you happiest, whether that entails staying inside the lines or not.