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London Tubes To Strike Again

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at London Met chapter.


Londoners set to face travel chaos as Tube strikes for 5 days

London Underground will come to a stand still for five days after the RMT union called for a strike aimed at the closure of all tube ticket offices.

Workers will stage a first protest on Monday, 28th April lasting for two days and a second set of fight, a week after on 5th May lasting for three days.

The transport system had already caused much misery to commuters earlier in the year when a two days strike went ahead. Further disruption was avoided after talks between the union and governmental officials.

The complains from Tube staff come after TFL’s plans revealed that most of the system will be automatic by the end of the decade sending nearly a thousand members to the job centre.

This will be the first major protest held by the union after the death of late union leader Bob Crow. An honour rally will be held in Trafalgar Square on the 1st May just after the end of the first wave of strikes.

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