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The Best Style Apps To Keep You Ahead of The Fash Pack!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at London Met chapter.

There are some things I wish there was an app for: I wish there was an app for making me super awake in the morning, I wish there was an app for somehow simultaneously going to work but staying at home and I wish there was an app which dispensed unlimited amounts of money. Alas, technology hasn’t advanced in such ways yet. But if you’re like me and just love to be up to date on fashion then there is an app for you! All these apps are totally free to download onto your Iphone or Android device, and they guarantee fabulous style inspo*!




This handy little app contains a plethora of trends and quirky outfits from every day fash’oholics and bloggers! You also have the option of buying items that are featured on separate ‘looks’ (plus other, cheaper versions). The ‘Star’ feature on Kaleidoscope means that you can also create a portable list of your favourite looks. This app is perfect for pre shopping inspiration!



Let’s face it: we all downloaded Instagram thinking that we were going to be the next fashion icon, our followers would swoon at our OOTD snaps and praise us for our effortless style. The reality: we mostly Instagram our food and most of the ‘likes’ we get are of said food. Instagram is quite handy for keeping you in the fashion know by letting you spy on celebrity fashion. Browse through the profiles of Instagram’s most famous and fashionable and you will soak up the style.


Chic Feed:

More for the trend setters than fashion followers, Chic Feed is a constant stream of street style goodness. I personally love how different and eclectic the featured styles are on this app. A handy feature on this app is that you are able to add bloggers to your ‘Sites’ list, so if you come across a look that you love you can then add the creators blog to your list for more.



Ever spend a good 30 minutes debating which of the two selected black blazers to buy? One has gold buttons and the other has black buttons but also some really nice tailored detail- suddenly things get very tense in the fitting room! The Pose app is here to help. Pose is like a style forum: you can take a picture of your outfit or of something you want to buy and other Pose users can give you their opinion. But what if someone has a completely different style to you? No problem; when you first sign up to the app, you take a quick which identifies your personal style and matches it with other users (your fashion pose)…



* ‘fabulous style inspo’ is not actually guaranteed by any of the app’s developers. However, they may as well do because these apps are fantastic. 

I'm a first year student studying Journalism, Film and Television at London Metropolitan University. When I'm not updating my blog or writing for my university's magazine, I like to workout, read girly fiction and go to the theatre. Make-up tutorials and trashy reality TV shows are my guilty pleasures! I'm a girl who loves shopping trips and outfit co-ordination but there's nothing better than pizza night with a scary film and good company! Find me on twitter: @Rosie_Quigley