Your Last College Semester as Netflix Gifs

By Maddie Mackler

Hello College Seniors! Summer quickly approaches, which means graduation time! It’s an exciting, but also incredibly stressful time.  In stressful times like these, I always take some time to look at some gifs to cheer me up. Since Netflix (and Hulu) got us through are four years, here is my tribute to us Seniors and the shows that we binged. This is us (college seniors) as TV show gifs:

  1. 1. Thinking you have so much time in January

  2. 2. February really went by fast

  3. 3. Midterms: I’m a senior, grades don’t matter

  4. 4. But… grades actually matter to me still

  5. 5. I’m so done with college

  6. 6. Wait. I’m going to miss college so much

  7. 7. Squeezing in all of your weekend adventures before you graduate

  8. 8. Figuring out what you’re going to do with your life

  9. 9. Discovering what true “adulting” really is

  10. 10. Finally getting all of your schoolwork done

  11. 11. Realizing that you are a TRUE SUPERSTAR for all of your accomplishments. YES. You deserve this degree