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Is Your Hook Up Worth It?

Rule One.

Found a cute someone from across the room in the frat party your friends dragged you to last minute? When you decide to leave a group, tell someone. Always let your friends know where you’re going in a party or just for a simple hook up. While many seem to believe over explaining were about to your friends may seem childish you can never be too careful. Come on everyone school just started are you going to trust a random stranger cute or not on your safety? No, so create a group chat of your trusted friends and tell them when you get there with said person and when you’re on your way back to the dorms or off campus housing.


Rule Two.

If this is, in a party setting is drinking involved? If neither one of you are sober or one is and one doesn’t then stop what you’re doing, this will not go well for anyone. If you’re not sober or your partner isn’t then you both can not consent to anything that will happen. When you’re under the influence you’re not in control of your body and your actions. If your sober friends spot the hookup, they need to interfere and take you back to your room.


Rule Three.  

If you’re hooking up and you ask if they have an STD, it is not that serious. It just means one partner cares about their health. If you’re both ready to get busy into doing something ask the simple question “Do you have an STD?”. Ladies be obvious your body is worth more than a hook-up. Many people who do practice safe sex and get checked regularly will normally not be offered by the question. It’s simple, why should I be stuck with STD because before our encounter they decided not to be safe. Also, just because you’re prepared with a condom for the male or female does not mean you can’t get an STD. Brush up on your basic biology lessons when you do decide to hook up with someone.


Rule Four.

Have Fun.

Finally, have a good time if hooking up regularly is fun for you then go but be safe. In college everyone is allowed to have a good time. Make sure your fun is safe and consensual everyone has a different interpretation of fun. Your time in college should be devoted to yes studying but also having a good time. Remember picking the right friends in times of hooking up will be life-saving. Don’t forget everyone loves a good hookup story so be prepared to explain to your friends every boring and interesting detail.


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