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Your Halloweekend in Office Gifs


The entire month of October 

When someone asks if you’re excited for the weekend 

When people don’t like Halloween 

Waking up on Halloweekend 

Trying on different costumes

When you nail your costume and look so cute 

Leaving your dorm to go out 

When the uber cancels on you 

In the uber 

When your squad shows up to the party

When strangers try to scare you 

When someone says you don’t look like your costume 

When someone tells you that you look cute 

When you see other people in the same costume 

Dancing with your friends 

Remembering you have homework to do tomorrow

When your friends tell you you’re too drunk 

Leaving the party 

Getting late night snacks 

Going to sleep knowing tomorrow isn’t Halloween 

Waking up the next morning 

When your professor asks you why you didn’t do your homework 

Thinking about next Halloween

Lizzie Bromley is a sophomore studying Journalism at Loyola Marymount University. She is in a sorority, CPC VP of Communications and Marketing, involved in Campus Ministry, and the VP of Social Media for Greek Light. She has passions for writing/blogging, spending time with her friends, and binge-watching The Office.
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