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You’ll Want To Listen To This “Sound Check”

February was an incredibly successful month for the band Catfish and the Bottlemen, who released their new single and music video for “Sound Check,” as well as marked a milestone in their careers after winning this year’s Brit Award’s Best British Breakthrough Act.

After listening to their single  “Soundcheck,” I was struck by the band’s perfect pairing of indie rock and clever lyrics. Within the first few verses I was enticed by the song’s story, describing the infatuation phase of a relationship. The song’s chorus: “I raced through soundcheck/ Just to meet you on your fag break/And you convinced me/To put life aside and want you/” illuminates the lust and desire that both sparked and killed the fling because it could never sustain it’s pace.

Catfish and the Bottle’s new music video is a compilation of the band’s footage while creating their new album, expected to release within the year. Filmed entirely in black and white, the band members string their guitars while lounging on coaches and chairs, playfully scribble “F*** Off,” crush ice for their drinks, and perform to crowds. The spontaneity of the video left me with a feeling of the band’s authenticity and complimented the ambiance the song creates.

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