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You Know You Live with Your Best Friends When…

I did it. I went to college and found the people that I never knew I needed so desperately in my life. The people that will guard your heart, step through fire with you, and comment on every single one of your Instagrams – yes, I found those people. Starting out in college, however, I was closeminded in what my college career would look like. It was as if I had configured a vision board of all I aimed to be involved with and all my aspirations, but left out an essential component in getting through all these endeavors – my friendships.  I was negligent to the power of loyalty and unflinching support friendships can bear. Somehow, things started to fall into place and the inexplicable void between what I had and what I needed in friends was filled. Friends became best friends and best friends became roommates.

Living with best friends is a wild ride. Each day is characterized by melodramatic moments, unexpected turns, and spontaneity. One minute we are accusing each other of who took the trash out last, and the next we are ignoring all responsibilities and breaking out into a dance party. Sure, we started to speak like each other, we leave all doors open at all times, and we plan our days together without any second thoughts. However, at the end of the day I get to come back to people who never once doubted my character or judged my personality. They seep unapologetic acceptance and love. I found the people I want to do life with.  

LMU Senior. Marketing Major/Studio Arts Minor. DG gal. Ms. Worldwide
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