Wild Spirit Fragrances

Wild Spirit is a fragrance line like no other. While many fragrances highlight only one scent, Wild Spirit celebrates four unique scents. Each scent highlights a season and ties hand in hand with consumers’ individuality. These carefully blended scents include Spring Jasmine, Driftwood, Chill, and First Snow. What also makes these fragrances so unique is not only the scent, but the ingredients that are selected to make these amazing scents. Inspired by sister brand, Raw Spirit, these fragrances were crafted in New York City by a powerhouse duo. CEO and fragrance designer Joyce Lanigan and renowned fashion photographer Russell James teamed up to create Wild Spirit. Each scent is made with real ingredients that are not only good for the body, they are vegan, contain natural oils, and are free of harmful ingredients such as sulfates, dyes, and parabens. Wild Spirit is also proud to be cruelty free and made in the USA.

These fragrances, although inspired by each individual season, are made to be layered and mixed, creating a unique scent for each individual consumer. While many other fragrance lines target a specific consumer, what is so unique and interesting about Wild Spirit is that it’s for women of all ages. Wild Spirit is inclusive of everyone and celebrates individuality. These fragrances are accessible to everyone, as they are affordable and can be used by essentially every woman. Instead of having one generic scent, Wild Spirit encourages consumers to experiment with all four scents, layering and mixing them to create one of a kind fragrance combinations. Spring Jasmine, Driftwood, Chill, and First Snow are all unique scents that consumers can find nowhere else.

Spring Jasmine

Sassy, Cheeky & Cute. Inspired by a petally, white floral creation highlighted by a dominant creamy jasmine signature and enhanced with specialty tea notes.


Fresh & Airy.  Alluring, Trend-setting & Original. Fallen trees, sundrenched and salted, on a white sound beach surrounded by lush vegetation and tropical florals.  


Delicious and Tranquil. Spontaneous, Free-Spirit & Bohemian. Inspired by the warm, creamy woods that are contrasted with fresh, airy accents to reflect the radiance of a golden beach sunset on a crisp day.

First Snow

Crisp & Cool. Empowered & Fierce. Inspired by a unique contrast of crisp aromatic notes and black pepper combined with a rick smoldering woody effect, highlighted with signature Bushman Candle.

Each scent represents a different season, Spring Jasmine embodies the season of spring, Driftwood channels summer, Chill represents fall, and First Snow, winter. In no way are these fragrances meant to be used seasonally. Add a touch of First Snow in the summer to be reminded of cool weather or add a hint of Spring Jasmine in the fall to smell the delicious scent of springtime.

Wild Spirit teamed up with IMG Models, taking four models and influencers to each represent the fragrance that resonated with them most.

Ashley Moore (@ashley_moore_) represents Springtime Jasmine. She is feminine, sweet, and embodies the freshness of spring.

Victoria Germyn (@victoriagermyn) is the face of Driftwood. With her surfer-girl, beachy vibes, Driftwood ties perfectly into all she represents.

Laura James (@jameslaura) is unique, and one of a kind, just like Chill. As a girl who marches to the beat of her own drum, Chill is the perfect scent for her.

Eva Adams (@mevadams) is the ultimate cool girl. With her fierce and bold personality, First Snow is the perfect fragrance to go with her cool and crisp vibes.

These fragrances are available at Walmart stores nationwide, as well as at WildSpiritFragrances.com. Founder Joyce Lanigin explains how carrying these fragrances at Walmart stores makes these fragrances even more accessible because of the numerous locations.

“As a fragrance designer and a consumer, I realized that there was a white space for affordable luxury fragrances. We want to encourage the wearer to experiment with scent and to embrace their own unique self – allow their “wild spirit” to shine through. Walmart is a destination for Beauty, and we know their more than 140 million shoppers a week are going to love WILD SPIRIT.”

Wild Spirit fragrances is just waiting to be a part of your life. We all have a wild spirit within us that is just waiting to come out.