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Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed For Loving Valentine’s Day (Candy Hearts & All)

Valentine’s Day is often considered the most over-the-top Hallmark holiday. It’s no surprise that this day, meant to celebrate love, receives mixed reviews from both single ladies and those who are taken. The home team says “it’s fun celebrating your relationship and all of the chocolate strawberries, roses, and plush teddy bears that come with it,” while the opposing side argues “the holiday is overhyped, expensive, and a downer if you’re single.” True, strolling down aisles upon aisles of pink and red gets old over time and there is often a lot of pressure to wow your significant other. However, the purpose of celebrating Valentine’s Day is ultimately to take a day to spoil and show appreciation to the one you love. Is that really so bad? 

Not every girl who is currently dating someone gushes over V-Day, but that doesn’t mean you should feel embarrassed if you are excited for the upcoming holiday. Just because your friends (and the other half of society) doesn’t like the holiday doesn’t mean you have to jump on the “V-Day is lame” bandwagon too. On the contrary, if you’re single there is no need to harp on how dumb you think the holiday is or feel bad about yourself for not being in a relationship. Ultimately, Valentine’s Day is just another day (Sunday Funday this year!), so spending it complaining about the holiday is a waste of time – not to mention a waste of getting in on all of the chocolate concoctions that the likes of Nestle and Hershey’s are sure to come up with this year.

For those of you not celebrating with a significant other, there are plenty of ways to have fun with your girlfriends. Be your friend group’s Carrie Bradshaw. Try planning a Galentine’s Day event (did someone say mimosas?) and replace the man with your girls. Now that is the definition of #squadgoals.


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