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Why You Should Reorganize your Dorm


For most of us, right now is an insanely busy time of the semester. Amidst midterms and finals, it’s easy to start getting less sleep than you should be, and subsequently start slacking when it comes to things like actually making your bed or putting your books away properly. While you may be going home for Thanksgiving break, I would hazard a guess that if you don’t do some homework over the long weekend you’ll probably be pretty behind when you get back to school. Aside from the chaos, it’s actually more important than ever that you find a bit of free time for yourself, and that you set aside some time to rearrange your room. Here’s why.

While it may seem counterintuitive to spend time rearranging your dorm when you haven’t even been managing to get your homework done, rearranging your room can actually have some pretty positive effects. While the night before your paper is due may not be the best time to start organizing, taking the time to actually re-organize your room will lead you to be much more productive in the long run. Having some new scenery and the illusion of more space can reinvigorate your drive to finish the semester strong.

First of all, in order to reorganize your room, you do have to clean it first. Start by putting everything away; yes, this includes doing your laundry, and putting all your clothes away. Once everything is put away, you’ll be able to see how much other stuff you’ll need to make room for. Also, making cleaning a precursor to redecorating will make it seem like that much more of a fun task rather than an unnecessary evil. Put on some music and start get cleaning! It’s actually pretty relaxing.

Next, move something major. Get a new point of view in your room. Personally, I moved my bed to be parallel with the window so that I actually have a view out of my room now. Regardless of what you choose to move, make sure it’s a pretty obvious change. You could turn your desk to face the other way or turn your dresser to face another direction. Something as simple as this can make it seem like the setup of your room, (and the semester), isn’t so old anymore.

In addition, it’s also important to reorganize your desk. Start by taking everything off your desk. Empty anything that isn’t school related out of the drawers. As cute as desk decorations can be, it’s important when leading up to exams that you have enough space to do your homework. While that Pinterest inspired makeup station may have seemed like a great idea at first, now it’s time to move it away from your study station. Make room for your textbooks; make a study schedule and post it above your desk.

While this may be for less practical reasons, it’s also always fun to add some new decorations to the room. If you don’t already have twinkly lights, add some. Even if you do, you could try adding some more. Perhaps the increased lighting will be helpful to add some additional holiday cheer into your room. Take advantage of a Black Friday deal to get a new wall decoration. If you are in the mood, you could even decorate for the holidays. Dollar stores have plenty of cute themed decor that will turn your room into a winter wonderland. You’ll also be constantly reminded that while you may have a midterm today, Christmas break is only a handful of weeks away.

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