Why Moving Across the Country for College Was the Best Decision For Me

Being from the Midwest, Los Angeles is more than just a couple hour drive away. When applying for colleges my senior year, I never would of imagined that I would end up in one of the best cities in the world. Just being here for almost two semesters, I have learned so much about myself, and I can truly say it was one of the best decisions I have made. Here are some of the main reasons why choosing a university across the country was the right choice for me and why I encourage other high school students to do the same!

  1. 1. I Learned How To Be Independent

    Before I moved out of my childhood home, I would do certain tasks here and there that would make me feel like I was “adulting,” yet I really had no idea what was coming my way. Living in a residence hall with over 200 students, I had to learn how to constantly wash clothes, take out the trash, get myself food when I needed it, and take care of myself when I am sick. All of these small things seem so simple, but I did not realize how much was done for me at home until I had to actually do it myself. Being sick is definitely the worst, because my mom was not there to make me soup and give me medicine. But, adapting to daily routines has really helped me become a true adult and has prepared me for life after college.

  2. 2. I Have Met Some of the Most Amazing People from So Many Different Places

    Being in Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount attracts students from all across the country. I have met people from pretty much every state, and I know I would not have met these people had I stayed closer to home. Each student here comes from different backgrounds and cultures, and it is fascinating to learn about them. Everyone here is so nice and diverse, and I am so happy that I have gotten the opportunity to meet and befriend some of the coolest people!

  3. 3. I Have Learned To Appreciate My Family Way More Now Than Ever Before

    I have a huge Italian family, and I love each and every single one of them more than anything. When I lived at home, I was so used to see everyone at least every weekend, and sometimes even during the week, so I didn’t really understand how important their presence was to me. Not being able to see them so often, and having to talk to them through FaceTime, is definitely the hardest thing about being so far away. But, this has taught me to value and cherish my time with them that much more. I really look forward to winter and summer breaks because I get to make up the lost time with them, and I can really show them how much they all mean to me!

  4. 4. I Have A Different Outlook on Life Now

    Since surrounding myself with new places and some of the coolest, most positive people, I now look at life in a whole new way. I am a way more confident and positive person overall, and I learned to worry less about the little things that won’t matter in a couple years from now. I am using this time in college to be adventurous, carefree, and optimistic, by exploring and doing things that I have never done before. I finally understand that every day is another day for me to work towards being the best version of myself. I can clearly see this best version and know what exactly I am striving for. Everything is suddenly clear to me and I am so excited for my future and everything I have coming my way. LMU - I am so content and happy with where I am right now, and I owe it all to you!