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When Your Friends Go Abroad in Parks and Rec Gifs

Protip: don’t let your friends go abroad.

When she says she’s thinking about going abroad 

When she tells you that she got into the program she wanted 

When she posts on social media about how excited she is

“I’m going abroad!”

When she asks why you’re sad

When she says she’s excited to leave when though you’re not going with her

When she texts you about it

When she says she’ll pack you in her suitcase

When you say something about next semester and she reminds you that she won’t be here 

When she talks about everything she’s going to do without you abroad

When she starts talking about it but you ignore her to avoid thinking about the human sized hole in your heart

When she accuses you of not being happy for her

Whenever she mentions what country she’s going to

Eating your feelings like

As soon as she says “when I’m abroad…”

Her thinking about next semester vs. you 

What’s so great about that country anyway??

How you’ll feel until she comes back

Your last few nights together

When she says she’ll miss you but you’re still salty

When she starts thinking that she can’t do it

How you secretly feel 

When she starts doubting if she’s ready to go

When you start feeling the tears coming

When you know that she’s going to learn so much about herself accomplish something so great

Saying bye

How you feel when you send her off 

Thinking about when you’ll be reunited

Lizzie Bromley is a sophomore studying Journalism at Loyola Marymount University. She is in a sorority, CPC VP of Communications and Marketing, involved in Campus Ministry, and the VP of Social Media for Greek Light. She has passions for writing/blogging, spending time with her friends, and binge-watching The Office.
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