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What were Becca’s Bachelorette Boys like in College?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LMU chapter.

By Maddie Mackler

Bachelor season is over, now it’s all about the bachelorette and her group of significantly less attractive men! This season, Bachelor nation has someone we all want to see find love. Becca K, we support you, just like your friends who uncomfortably squeezed on that couch.

In the After the Final Rose special Becca K. was rushed right away into her role of the Bachelorette, meeting 5 of her potential future husbands. To be honest, it was awkward.  No one really knew what was going on. It reminds me of meeting guys at college. That got me thinking: What were these men like in college?

Lincoln: King of compliments and bringing the conversation back to himself.

Yes, his accent is really nice to hear, and I’m sure Becca K. will keep him around just to hear it.  However, Lincoln is the guy who has a few really good pickup lines on repeat. Then when you’re hooked on the compliments and accents, he goes on and on about himself. Happy belated birthday!


Chase: Your friend Chase.

Chase is a nice guy. He deserves to find love, but just not with you.  Chase might be in love with you from the moment you paid any attention to him whatsoever.  You need at least one guy friend who stays a guy friend, and that’s Chase.

Bryan: Look! I’m quirky and talented! Please notice me!

Bryan watches a lot of romantic comedies.  In one of them, he saw that the guy got the girl by playing the guitar.  He thought hard for a minute and decided, “I can do better than that! I can play the banjo!” He’s never looked back since, even though it’s clearly never worked.


Darius: Smooth talker, but only about like two things

Darius is good at improvising oral presentations.  He knows what to say in the moment, and how to get a reaction.  Try to mention anything else outside of the current hot topic range, and he falters, which is a shame.

Blake: Doesn’t actually go here.

Blake is the random guy who goes to a far away school, but he’s here for the weekend with his buddy. You really don’t know why he’s even here.  You wanted his friend to flirt with you, but he’s who you ended up with. The only thing you two talk about is how completely different your lives are.


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