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What to Watch on Netflix If you Miss “The Office”

The new year, unfortunately, started grim when Netflix officially took down one of the most beloved shows on its platform, “The Office.” With its memorable characters, unforgettable jokes, and iconic filming style, coming to terms with the fact that a show like this is no longer available on Netflix is a hard pill to swallow. If you’re like me, binging compilations of Jim pranking Dwight on Youtube to fill that void can get pretty tiring. But maybe this year should be the one to get emotionally attached to new characters and officially bid “The Office” a farewell. Below are three other sitcoms on Netflix that will give you the needed serotonin boost to still start the new year right!


1. “Arrested Development”

Probably the one show out of the three that is most like “The Office” is “Arrested Development.” And no, that’s not because both of the main characters are named Michael! Centered around the once wealthy family known as the Bluths, Michael (Jason Bateman), the most responsible family member, must decide between helping his family after a scandal costed them their fortunes or pack up his bags with his son George Michael (Michael Cera) and move out to live the life he wants to live. The show is just as chaotic, hilarious, and admirable as “The Office” with unbelievable characters and jokes that are so funny and subtle they might just go over your head. Also, bonus points for similar filming styles and censorship as both do so for comedic effect if you’re into that!


2. “New Girl”


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In the realm of just looking for a sitcom to binge over and over now that “The Office” is gone, “New Girl” is a good show to start with. I will admit, the two shows have almost nothing in common and if anything, is more like “Friends” without a laugh track playing every three seconds. However, the year is about starting something new and what’s better than a show with the word “new” in its title! “New Girl” focuses on Jessica “Jess” Day (Zooey Deschanel), a woman who suffered from a rough breakup and later moves into a loft with three guys she found off of Craigslist. Along with her best friend Cece (Hannah Simone), Jess and the gang form lifelong friendships and relationships. It is the perfect show if you want something chaotic and comedic but also heartwarming and quirky!


3. “Schitt’s Creek”


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When I first stumbled upon “Schitt’s Creek,” I had no idea it was a sitcom. Everything about the show was so luxurious, at times sophisticated, and lavish. However, the humor truly shines through all that and makes “Schitt’s Creek” an amazing show to binge. Similar to “New Girl” in terms of filming style and “Arrested Development” in regards to plot, “Schitt’s Creek” focuses on a once wealthy family known as the Roses who suddenly have nothing except a shabby little town they bought for fun years ago. With their mansion now gone, the Roses must live in this town they forgot they bought known as Schitt’s Creek. Here, each member of the family forms unforgettable relationships and friendships as they make a new home out of Schitt’s Creek. While the show widely strays away from “The Office,” it is one that will open your eyes to new types of sitcoms! 


And if these shows still don’t do it for you, the first two seasons of “The Office” are available for free streaming on NBC’s new streaming platform, Peacock. Happy binging!   

Vivian is a junior majoring in journalism. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. In her free time, you will often find her watching sitcoms, crocheting, reading, or scrolling through Twitter for the best memes.
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