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True Life: I’m Graduating And Please Stop Asking Me If I Have A Job Yet

There are many questions in life that we’d rather not be asked (read: “No Aunt Sue, I still don’t have a boyfriend”). Come graduation these unwanted questions seem to flood in at an ever-growing rate especially at family gatherings. While finishing college marks a great achievement and is an exciting time, it’s also a scary one filled with a lot of uncertainty. If you’re not a graduate, these are 5 questions that we’d love for you to stop asking us and what every soon to be college graduate is thinking when you do. 
1. Are you excited for graduation?
“So you’re basically asking me if I’m excited to no longer have summer break and work 9-5 for the rest of my life? I think we both know the answer here.”
2. Do you have a job yet?
“No I don’t. And no I haven’t applied to any yet because there is still this little thing called finals.”
3. Do you know who you’re going to live with yet?
“As much as I appreciate you assuming all of my friends and I have our acts together, we don’t even know what state we’re going to live in, let alone already have a down payment on an apartment.”
4. Have you been saving up your money for after college?
“For a formal dress, yes. To start paying my car insurance and phone bill, no.”
5. Are you and your boyfriend staying together if one of you moves?
“We haven’t even talked about it yet but thank you for the reminder and wedding planner suggestions, Grandma.”
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