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Top WTF moments from this season of the Bachelor


To say that no one was excited for 2012 Bachelorette runner-up Arie Luyendyk Jr to be the Bachelor was an understatement. No one knew why or how he ended up in this position. The season would continue to be just as much of a let down as the announcement of the new Bachelor. One thing this season did not lack was DRAMA! From a girl on the missing persons list, bumper car trauma, and a breakup that infuriated America, this season was jam packed of WTF moments!

Does she even have her permit?

Questions about Bekah M’s age first came into question when she stepped out of her old fashioned mustang and flaunted her baby face. Not to mention the fact that producers neglected to put her age next to her name during interviews.  


Traumatic Flashbacks

In her minimal time on the show Annelise definitely got some material to add to her acting reel. Apparently Annelise had the most traumatic childhood because she has had bad experiences with everything from bumper cars to dogs. On the plus side, editors of the show got to have some fun compiling flashbacks to give the audience a detailed reenactment of Annelise’s traumatic experiences.


Washed-up D-list Celebrity Wrestlers  

If it wasn’t awkward enough that the contestants had to literally fight for Arie’s love, the less than relevant wrestlers who were teaching the women proper form were more concerned with making fun of the women.   


Bibiana’s Romantic Bed Fail  

Bibiana was definitely a fan favorite of the season because of her witty commentary. She decided it would be nice to set up a romantic scene for her and Arie to have some alone time. Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as planned. Arie stumbled upon the bed and telescope setting and admired how nice it was, he then proceeded to have conversations with every girl except for Bibiana at this special spot. After a night of waiting, Bibiana decided she was going to tell Arie she made this set up for him. Arie, who was talking to Lauren at the time, asked Bibiana to give them a minute. Poor Bibiana, the struggle is real.


Krystal’s Bowling Meltdown

Krystal, aka Season 22’s resident mean girl, had the temper tantrum of a three-year-old when her winning team didn’t get Arie all to themselves. If you speak poorly about the guy you are dating in front of 12 other girls who are also dating him, chances are he is going to find out. This is when Arie finally started to see Krystal’s true colors.


Lauren’s Insightful Commentary

Lauren got yet another one-on-one date with Arie in beautiful Tuscany: a place filled with history, beauty, and romance. On their day of sightseeing, all Lauren could seem to muster up to say was “wow.”  


Becca’s Ex

What would a season of The Bachelor be if we didn’t have an ex come back? Becca’s ex Ross mysteriously found himself walking through the desert to try and find his girl so he could profess his love. Chances are this poor guy was told that Becca wanted him back and he would get a free trip to Peru. Becca was not happy about him showing up and so Ross went home empty handed.


Please Leave!

Only a few months after their engagement Arie decides that he needs to break up with his fiance Becca to see if he still has a chance with season 22 runner-up Lauren. Becca, obviously shocked by his decision, wanted to be alone so she could process everything that was going on. For some reason after being asked politely by Becca to leave, multiple times, Arie just needed Becca to sit down with him for 2 more minutes. He had the audacity to ask her if she was okay, obviously she wasn’t. In those extra moments Becca sat with Arie on the couch he had nothing new to say so she yet again asked him to leave, but the Bachelor awkwardly sat on the couch for way too long before actually leaving.  


The Cherry on Top

If airing your breakup on television wasn’t bad enough, Arie had the bright idea to propose to Lauren right in front of his ex-fiancé. At this point Bachelor nation is so over Arie and can’t wait for Becca to be the next Bachelorette.


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