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Holiday movies are half the fun of the Christmas season. From movies we watched as children to musicals and old Christmas classics, there are a select few that stand out as the top must-watches for December. Keep these five films in mind as winter break approaches!

White Christmas

This classic movie musical from 1954 gives not only an awesome Christmas soundtrack but good Christmas vibes and amazing dance sequences. Plus, you’ll want to wear every single dress that appears on the screen. It’s magical, it’s fun, and it will undeniably put you in the Christmas spirit while making you wish it snows in California.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Does everyone say this is the best Christmas movie of all time? Yes. Does this include all your grandparents and members of the senior-citizen population? Yes. And you know what, it’s for a good reason! Honestly, it’s such a good movie, not only with a good message but with characters you’ll love, too. I’ll admit, it is a little long, but nothing a few snacks and friends to watch with can’t fix.


Ok, I think we can all agree this is insanely overplayed. But it is a Christmas classic, and we all know it and love it! It’s just not Christmas without Will Ferrell eating gum off the streets of New York City and gifting his dad lingerie.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

A classic 80s movie, it provides cheesy comedy and good holiday vibes. Chevy Chase’s character, Clark, is literally every single dad during the holidays. It’s a great movie to watch with your family during the break, namely to remedy all the family drama that goes down during the holidays.

Little Women

Technically this isn’t a Christmas movie per se. However, it does have a Christmas scene, so I’m including it. But really, any reason to watch Saorise Ronan act her heart out, I’ll take! Plus, who doesn’t love the March sisters?

Taylor is a freshman English major at Loyola Marymount University. When not in class or writing, Taylor enjoys reading, watching movies and sitcoms, and baking exclusively during Christmas.
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