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Top 5 Reason to Visit Chicago

1. Pizza

Not just any pizza- deep dish pizza. This pizza isn’t your average pizza, there’s a reason why people associate it with Chicago. If you talk to any Chicagoan, they will tell you there are two main places to get this magical pizza: Lou Malnati’s or Giordano’s. And if they are a true Chicagoan, they will guide you to Lou Malnati’s. While there’s nothing wrong with Giordano’s, Lou’s is just better.


2. Downtown Chicago During The Winter

Wait what? Yes. While Chicago is known to be blisteringly cold– like -35 degrees Fahrenheit with wind chill– nothing beats walking around downtown during Christmas time. Whether you walk down Michigan Ave. and State Street to look at the window displays, go skating in Millenium Park, or even the Kris Kringle Market, it always feels like a movie. There’s a reason Home Alone was filmed and based in Chicagoland.


3. Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is so big, that many say it feels like an ocean. Chicago is lined with beaches, which provide much needed relaxation from the hustle of the city. Boats and yachts fill the lakes on warm summer days, which is one of the best ways to spend a summer day in Chicago. Besides the fun beach festivities, it’s also beautiful.


4. Museums

While cities like New York get a reputation for having some of the best museums, Chicago is often overlooked. In reality, Chicago has world class museums which offer experiences like no other.


5. Sports

While this is last on the list, it certainly is not least. Chicago is well known for its sports scene, and if you are a fan of just about any sport- we have it. There are two baseball teams, a hockey team, a football team, two basketball teams, and two soccer teams. However, there is no experience so quintessentially Chicago as a day at Wrigley Field cheering on the Cubs. Even if you’re a diehard White Sox fan, there is no doubt that the 1914 landmark that is Wrigley Field holds a certain nostalgia that just can’t be replicated.


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