Top 5 Highlights from the 87th Academy Awards

Award season is officially upon us and that means dozens of new performances, awkward moments, hosts that think their jokes are funnier than they actually are, and all of your favorite celebs in one place. In case you missed the 87th Academy Awards last Sunday, here is a countdown of our top five highlights from the show.


5. The musical performances

Movie soundtracks are at the heart of what make movies great so being able to see all of these songs performed live at the Oscars was definitely one of our favorite parts of the night. We were blown away by Rita Ora’s talent, John Legend and Common’s powerful message, and of course the always sexy Adam Levine.

4. Patricia Arquette’s feminist speech

This year the Oscars seemed more socially aware than ever; every acceptance speech seemed to touch on a different issue in the world today. We totally love that celebs are starting to use their status as a way to make a difference, especially when it came to Particia Arquettes acceptance speech. After receiving the award for best supporting actress she decided to use her time on stage to demand equality between men and women by declaring,” It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America”. 

You go girl, we couldn’t agree more (and apparently neither could Meryl and Jennifer).


3. John Travolta’s general creepiness

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve loved John Travolta ever since his days in Grease, but during the Oscars this year it was difficult not to notice his strange almost creepy behavior. It started on the red carpet when he was all over Scarlett Johansen, and then continued into the live show when he couldn’t seem to stop touching Idina Menzels face. We know the whole point of their bit was to compensate for Travolta calling Idina Menzel “Adele Dazeem” at last years Academy Awards but we can’t help but feel like his behavior this year only made things worse.

By the look on Idina's face, we can tell she was just as uncomfortable as we were. 


2. Eddie Redmayne’s acceptance speech

It was hard not to be excited when Eddie Redmayne won the Oscar for Best Actor, purely because of how excited he was. It was easy to see that he was in shock to be given such an honor, but that shock quickly turned into over the moon joy for winning the coveted award. As if his excitement wasn’t enough to make us fall in love with him, his twinkling eyes, cute freckles and charming accent sent us into a full on obsession. If you missed it, or just want to watch his adorable reaction over and over again, check it out here.

1. Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews

WOW. That was all we could think of after seeing Lady Gaga perform her Sound of Music tribute to Julie Andrews for the 50th Anniversary of the iconic movie. Not only was Lady Gaga the classiest we’ve ever seen her, but we also had no idea she was THAT talented. Not only was her performance jaw dropping but the fact that it was all to recognize Julie Andrews made us love it that much more. As she walked on stage with all the poise of the Queen of Genovia we were reminded of the woman we grew up watching in the Princess Diaries, who almost feels like our own grandmother and who is so classy that she honestly could be a Queen. The combination of Lady Gaga’s incredible talent and our love of Julie Andrews made it by far the most memorable moment of the night.