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Top 3 Best Brunch Places Near LMU


1. The Butcher’s Daughter

If you are looking for a trendy restaurant that has their food tasting as amazing as it looks, then Butcher's Daughter is the place for you! This restaurant is located on Abbot Kinney Boulevard and is 100% vegetarian, with so many dietary substitutes including gluten-free and vegan options. The restaurant's ambiance is overall relaxing and uplifting, which leaves its customers with a wholesome experience. Some of their most popular dishes include their avocado toast, surfer's breakfast, crab cakes, toast eggs benedict, french toast, and the spicy kale salad. Not only is their food to DIE for, but the overall layout of the restaurant is aesthetically beautiful. It has mostly a rustic feel, with a modern twist as it is filled with plants that already make you feel clean and healthy before eating their amazing food.

Surfers Breakfast:

Avocado Toast:



2. Great White

Great White is an adorable brunch spot that is within walking distance of Venice Beach. Their menus have a coastal-Californian feel and focus on providing fresh, local, everyday food. This menu has a wide variety of choices and is perfect for a casual brunch day. Some of the menu favorites include: Ricotta Hotcakes and the Blue Smoothie Bowl. The Ricotta Hotcakes are warm and fluffy pancakes made with ricotta and topped with honeycomb butter, maple syrup, and fresh fruit. The Blue Smoothie Bowl is made from blue algae and is topped with banana, pineapple, passionfruit, chia, seasonal fruit, and house-made granola. This amazing bowl is gluten-free, vegan, and absolutely delicious!! So if you are looking for a casual and quick bite to eat, filled with flavor, I suggest you check out Great White:)  

Ricotta Hotcakes w. Honeycomb Butter:



Blue Smoothie Bowl:


3. The Rose Cafe Venice

This cafe is located in Venice, CA and is an iconic restaurant with so many choices to offer. Along with its great options for brunch and other meals, they also have an amazing coffee selection and outstanding bakery. All their offered food options are based on Southern California cuisine, however they also incorporate an international twist with influences from the chef’s world travels. There are many diverse selections from this cafe’s brunch menu. Some of these options include sweets such as pancakes, grains such as overnight oats, eggs such as huevos rancheros, and the raw bar with many types of fish. This wide variety of selections allows for any type of food craving or mood to be satisfied when coming here. So if you are in the mood for a classic breakfast burrito or for some Baja shrimp, this is your place!





Isabella (or as most people call her- Izzy) is a Marketing major at LMU. Her family and friends are the most important things in her life. She is very passionate on trying new things and traveling. She loves the adventure of finding a new food places or new trendy clothes places.
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