Tips for Growing Out Your Hair

Like many girls this past spring, I gave in to the new hair trend and made the chop, transforming my haircut into a super cute lob. While I love my hair short, as summer approached I found myself longing for those long mermaid-looking locks. With Snapchat memories reminding me how long my hair used to be circa 2016, I decided to grow out my hair. Here are some tips I’ve found helpful in keeping my hair healthy and helping it grow!


Hair Masks & Leave-In Products 

Obviously, taking care of your hair is going to help it stay healthy and strong and encourage it to grow. I put a hair mask on my hair every Sunday night. I usually leave it in for about an hour, and then I rinse it out in the shower. Additionally, I use a leave-in conditioner and an anti-breakage serum daily to help keep my hair hydrated and soft. 


Show Your Scalp Some Love

I didn’t really understand how much of a difference massaging your scalp could make until I tried it out myself. Massaging your scalp for 5-15 minutes a week with a clarifying shampoo does for your scalp what toner does for your skin. By freeing your scalp of product buildup, you stimulate hair growth and give your scalp a fresh start.


Dry Shampoo Is Your Friend

We’ve all heard it before: avoid using heat on your hair! I’m not here to condemn your curling or straightening habits (as long as you’re using a heat protectant!), but you should try to go natural as often as you can. Instead of using heat and styling your hair every day, try using dry shampoo to keep up that styled look for more than a single day. 


Don’t Be Afraid of a Trim

I know, it sounds a little counter-intuitive, but don’t be afraid to get your hair cut! It’s the only way to avoid split ends from spreading up the hair shaft. I try to go in every 8-12 weeks, depending on my schedule and how hard I have been on my hair (heat styling, chlorine damage, etc.). If you ask for just a dusting, they will only cut off the dead ends, so there’s nothing to be worried about, I promise.


Cold Water Rinses

I first read this tip in American Girl Magazine circa 2008, and I have read it in countless beauty articles since! In a perfect world, you would be taking lukewarm (bordering on cold) showers for both your skin and your hair’s sake, but you probably aren’t. No problem! Just make sure to rinse your hair in cold water before you step out of the shower. Cold water seals the hair follicle which seals in hydration and prevents excess oil and dirt from getting in. As a result, your hair is shinier, smoother, and less prone to breakage. 


There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding hair supplements lately, and while there is no conclusive evidence that biotin speeds up the hair-growing process, there’s no harm in eating foods full of it. Food such as eggs, cauliflower, almonds, cheese, sweet potato, and spinach are all full of biotin - and without any of the potentially harmful side effects of supplements.


Hair Accessories

Mid-length, mid-grow out hair gets a bad rap, but it’s cute, I swear! Show off the length you have by investing in some cute new hair accessories. Indulge in the scrunchie and butterfly clips trends, you know you want to!


Good luck on your hair growth journey! Obviously, genetics also play a major role in getting your hair to grow, but hopefully, you will find some of these tips helpful!