Three Easy Ways to Help the Environment This Summer

  1. 1. Use a reusable cup!

    If you are like me and like to cool down with a nice, refreshing iced tea or other cold drink, it would make a huge change in your personal waste footprint if you cut down on single-use cups! When you go to Starbucks or your local coffee shop this summer, try to bring your own cup. Some places (like the Lion's Den here at LMU) will even give you a discount for being green!

  2. 2. Go to a local farmers' market!

    Buying seasonal produce that has been grown locally helps stimulate your local economy and also helps the environment! Shipping off-season, non-local produce to the supermarket uses a large amount of fossil fuels, which pollute our environment while transporting local produce a short distance (from the farm to the market) produces much less!

  3. 3. Attend a beach clean-up event!

    If you live near a beach, it will likely get very polluted over the summer as beach-goers leave behind their trash. You can find a local beach cleanup event to attend or even just make efforts to clean up litter when you go to the beach yourself! Just be careful and make sure to not pick up any suspicious-looking trash (like needles or glass) without proper safety equipment!