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Things You and Your Best Friends Do

In honor of defining the relationship with my best friend, Nicole.

1. Supporting each other always

2. Calling each other out if necessary

3. Encouraging them

4. Telling others about how much you love them


5. Being transparent with them


6. Having fun even if you’re doing nothing

7. Not letting them practice self-hate


8. Telling them that you love and appreciate them


9. Being there for them when they need someone

10. Reminding them that they are a perfect angel goddess warrior who deserves the entire world and more


Lizzie Bromley is a sophomore studying Journalism at Loyola Marymount University. She is in a sorority, CPC VP of Communications and Marketing, involved in Campus Ministry, and the VP of Social Media for Greek Light. She has passions for writing/blogging, spending time with her friends, and binge-watching The Office.
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