Your Ultimate Guide to Surviving Homesickness

Even the most fearless colligates can suffer from homesickness once in awhile. Whether you are moving to a new college, studying abroad, or even just visiting a new place for the very first time, here are some tips to help you cope when you find yourself constantly thinking about home.


1. Keep in Touch

Just because you are in a new environment, doesn't mean you have to cut off all former communication and contact with people back home. Keep in touch with past friends, use Facetime to your advantage, and set a time to call your mom or loved ones every so often.

2. Stay Active

Being in a new environment can be scary, but it can also open up a plethora of new opportunities. Apply for a new job, or join different clubs on campus. Not only will it keep your mind active, but you will also meet new people.

3. Find Familiarity

Love watching movies? Find a local movie theater to catch up on the latest movies out. Can’t live without Target? Find a Target store near you to fulfill your shopping needs. Miss those street tacos from your local neighborhood back home? Venture out and find a new taco spot. You might even end up liking them more than the ones back home.

4. Talk to a professional

Homesickness is common, but if you find yourself lacking motivation, constantly seeking isolation, and feeling depressed, you may want to seek professional help. Talking to a professional may help you be able to pinpoint what exactly is causing your homesickness. Pro tip: most colleges offer free counseling sessions, so take advantage of free therapy while you can.

5. Treat Yourself

Homesickness can make you feel pretty lousy, so be sure to take care of yourself. Treat yourself to a mini spa day, or go get your nails done. Celebrate the fact that you made it through the week (or day) by watching your favorite Netflix show to help you relax and unwind.

6. Let it Out

Whether that means keeping a journal, drawing in a sketchbook, blogging-whatever it is that allows you to express yourself- do it. Using your creativity can help you release your emotions that may be pent up inside.  

7. Stay Positive

Easier said than done, I know, but do your best to stay positive. Know that you are not the first collegiate to feel homesick, nor will you be the last. As time passes by, and you establish your new routine, the intense feelings of homesickness will soon start to subside.

8. Homesickness can be rough, but remember it’s usually only temporary. Find your routine, call your family, and most importantly remember to take care of yourself. Stay strong collegiates!