Students Guide to Productive Sundays

As a student you will spend weekends studying, catching up on homework, or even catching up on sleep. These tips are to help you utilize your Sunday to set yourself up for success, especially for finals week!

  1. 1. Organize your planner/calendar for the week

    If you're like me, sometimes you have so much fun on the weekend (or sleep so much) that you don't bother to peek at that planner, but Sunday is the perfect day to organize yourself and prep the planner with all your assignments, class times and agenda for the week. It also gives you an overview of your week so you are prepared for the work of the week!

    Bonus tip: Try Google Calendar, Passion Planner or ToDoist (My favorites!)

  2. 2. Prioritize your to-do list

    Many students like to-do lists for a simple glance at what needs to get done, but sometimes you get lost in that list. Instead, spend Sunday looking at the to-do list of the week and prioritizing it. The first assignment due or the assignment worth the most should become number one on your to-do list. A lot of productivity books or blogs also suggest that you force yourself to complete task number one before you move on to any other tasks for optimal productivity!

  3. 3. Go grocery shopping & meal prep

    If you are on a meal plan at school, then this does not entirely apply to you. Otherwise, make sure you make time to restock your fridge on the weekend and spend a couple of hours prepping some meals and snacks for the week so you do not need to stress about food! Even if you are on a meal plan, run to your on-campus store with snacks and have a couple of granola bars stocked in case you're running late! Preparedness is everything!

  4. 4. Tidy up

    Maybe I'm a clean freak, but I can not do my homework if my homework space is a hot mess! Sunday is the perfect time to clean it up so you have a clear desk and all your supplies are in the right place. Try putting on some music and relaxing while you clean; it can be therapeutic!

  5. 5. Check your email

    Many professors send reminders or update office hours for the week through email. Taking a couple of moments to make sure you have not missed any crucial emails can save you! If you have extra time, feel free to clear out any old, unneeded emails. It will make you feel more organized!

  6. 6. Run a load of laundry

    First off, who wants to worry about laundry during the week between studying, sorority chapter, and classes. Secondly, doing the laundry will make you feel productive and clean. All your favorite clothes will be ready and clean to wear so you can feel your best even in finals week. 

  7. 7. Try some self-care

    Everyone's self-care is different and you should be doing a little something every day, but Sunday is an especially good day to get yourself together. Put on a face mask, meditate, do some yoga (find a youtube video even!), make dessert, watch an episode of your favorite show, or whatever it is for you. Finals week and college, in general, will stress out even the most zen person, so remember while being a student is important so is your health!