Struggles of Kayla Itsines Fit Guide Article: How to Really Be Bikini Body Ready

When it comes to embarking on the relentless, seemingly endless struggle to get fit, the process seems to be one of trial and error. Reality checks in. Not everyone can have their own Don-A-Matrix personal training every day like Khloe Kardashian. As a college student I not only lack the motivation, but also I lack the funds. Amidst the aggressively active and healthy lifestyle Los Angeles encompasses today, some of us just have to settle for the daunting challenge of personally training ourselves. However, what seemed an inexpensive, relatable option, Kayla Itsines Fit Guide was a swing and a miss for my “get fit, quick” endeavor. I thought incorporating a self-sufficient, self-fulfilling, “look good-feel good” workout in my rigorous semester schedule would be the savior of my stress and pressure from society to uphold a worthy body image. Kayla Itsines is one of many “guides” that appear as fresh starts to change our lives. Starting each year off by claiming indications like “2016 will be my year” coincides with this empty promise of a change that is just supposed to appear out of thin air. It is merely an idea, not an action. However, who said that getting fit guarantees a transformation of ourselves? Most of us need a transformation of the heart. As with most aspects of life, reaching for something that is characterized by the opinions of society and superficiality will leave you empty-handed.  Living for yourself and chipping away the callousness of a heart affected by discouragement and oppression will reveal a light others will look up to and more importantly will shatter the mirror you used to depend on to define yourself. A beautiful heart is much more attractive.