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With winter months upcoming, finding the motivation to get out of your comfy and warm bed can be difficult. So finding the motivation to continue or even start going to the gym can seem impossible. If you’ve found yourself making excuses about not working out or wanting to start working out but can’t find the motivation, here are some useful tips.

First of all, find some friends who want to join you and hold each other accountable. Make a group chat and decide on times you can all go to the gym together. That way if you or another member tries to make an excuse, you can all convince each other to go together. (Even homework is not an excuse because you know that half the time you say you’d be doing your homework, you’ll really be on your phone. Use that time productively instead–hit the gym!)

Alternatively, if you’re worried about the gym being crowded and awkward, take a run! Or even a brisk walk, both are better than sitting down! The great thing about an activity like running or walking outside is that you can choose a destination. Take a run to Starbucks and treat yourself with an iced tea. Or jog over to Jamba Juice and get a smoothie. Or take a run down to the beach and watch the sunset! The possibilities are endless.

If you’re someone who finds yourself always on your phone and social media, follow some fitness inspo accounts and accounts that detail healthy living. That way when you’re scrolling through your feed you see ideas for workouts and healthy meals.

Finally, set some goals! Writing down exactly what you want to accomplish and putting it on your wall or somewhere where you can always see it can be incredibly motivating. There’s nothing more satisfying than checking things off a list knowing that you accomplished your goals.

Living healthy and working out will eventually become a habit, and you may even find yourself wanting to go to the gym because you feel better afterwards! All it takes is that first step.


Hannah Stewart is a freshman at Loyola Marymount University where she is currently studying English and Law. Contact: Hannah.stewart47@icloud.com
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