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Spring Fashion Show: Meet the Designers

Get to know the women bringing their designs to the runway this Saturday.

It’s no secret that lot’s of LMU students have amazing style. Walking around our beautiful campus or even sitting in class, I see lots of clothes I want to add to my wish list on a daily basis. Some of our fellow students have taken their artistry to a new level, creating their own fashion lines. This Saturday April 6th, check out four of LMU’s own fashion lines at the Spring Fashion Show: Walking With Women. The designers are coming together for the amazing cause of women’s empowerment, collecting proceeds for the Period Project, a program giving women’s hygiene products women in need. But while these women share a passion for fashion and doing good, they all have unique aspects to their fashion lines, so check out an inside look into the life of LMU’s fashion designers.


Cool Shit by Carly (@coolshitbycarly)
Sad Clothing Company (@towearwhenyouresad)

The Sad Clothing Company is a collaboration between Jordan Luna and Chlo Subia, who explained “the two of us have always had super specific styles and tastes, but the interest sparked for a line last year. Chloe has always been the creative design side and Jordan oversees design details and the business tactics, yet at the end of the day everything remains super collaborative.”

The idea for the collaboration you’ll see this weekend? “This collection is called minimals. The idea is to have a plain shirt become a fashion piece in any space or place. There are ways to dress it up or down depending on the girl and their style. Something universal for anyone and everyone.”

Morgan Moto Designs (@morgan_moto)

Morgan Moto’s designs are quite literally eye catching, with a signature drawn eye on many of the pieces featured on Moto’s instagram. The natural mixes with the vivid and imaginative in her designs, from skulls growing out of a flower pot to pastel galaxies. Moto’s designs are creative and evocative, so don’t miss your chance to see them in person this Saturday.

Problem Society Brand (@problemsocietybrand)

Katherine Meyer got involved with the fashion show through her friends who are putting together the event, and decided it was the perfect opportunity to premiere her line, meaning you will truly be one of the first to see her designs if you head to the fashion show.

Meyer explains the inspiration behind her brand Problem Society “stems from the realization that so many of us, myself included, have formulated our own idea of what real problems should be. ‘Problems’ such as bad hair being left out, or just being tired make us feel like we are plagued with issues, when in reality, we could all use a little perspective. Real world problems such as homelessness, sex trafficking, hunger, ect. Deserve more of our attention and this line is aimed at refocusing our mental energy on such issues.”

Meyer’s brand new line is making an important statement, and I know I can’t wait to see how she conveys these ideas through fashion.


LMU’s Spring Fashion Show is happening on Saturday at 6:30 p.m in Sunken Gardens. To learn more head to @lmufashionshow or lmufashionshow.squarespace.com

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