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So you didn’t register to vote. Here’s what to do to stay politically active during Midterm elections.

So midterm election season is upon us, and for many college kids, this either: A) is their first time voting or B) first time voting in a different city or state. Although it is super important to register to vote and to vote in this very important election, if you missed the deadline, no need to freak out. There are still some ways you can remain politically active.


Encourage your friends/classmates/peers who are registered to vote.


Even though you may not be registered to vote yourself, you can still make sure your friends make their way out to the voting polls. When election day rolls around, some people, especially young people, get intimidated to vote, or don’t want to make the effort to vote at all. By reminding them that their voices are important, you are helping get this generation’s voice heard.


Repost/retweet information about propositions and candidates.

This step may sound unimportant, but it could help someone avoid voting for or against a candidate or proposition they do not agree with. Helping spread the correct information around is a vital part of midterm election season.

Register now!!


Note: In California, You can also register to vote conditionally and cast your provisional ballot in person any time up to and including election day. Your ballot will be counted once  your registration is processed and verified!

Yes, you may not be able to vote in this election, but that should not stop you from registering to vote ASAP so you are ready and prepared for the next election. Registering to vote is super easy and only takes a few minutes, so why not get ahead and do it now.

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