A Snapshot of Summer '19

By: Emily Walker

Sunset at Salt Creek with My Best Friends

Summer means something different to everyone. For the aspiring businesswoman, it might be an internship in the city; for the nature lover, it might be camping trips throughout the country; for the homebody, it might be going back home to catch up with high school friends. If I were to draw a diagram of all the possible ways to spend the summer, I feel like I would likely fall somewhere in the middle.

Detour at the Cabazon Dinosaurs

With my lease not starting until August 1st, I moved home for summer and immediately began filling up my calendar. I started working as a graphic designer for a family company, taking on occasional dog sitting gigs, and nannying 4+ days a week. On my days off, I took trips to San Diego, LA, Santa Barbara, SLO, and Palm Springs with both high school and college friends. I laid in the sun for hours at the beach and ate my fair share of poke and Pressed Juicery freezes. Above all else, I made a conscious effort to practice balance: balance of work, health, and adventure.

Early Morning Surf at Doheney State Beach

For my job as a graphic designer, I have deadlines that I have to meet Sunday through Thursday. To stay on top of my projects, I did my best to send back designs within 36 hours of receiving them. Moving into the school year, I hope to maintain similar promptness by completing all of my assignments at least the day before class (because let’s be real, we are all guilty of putting together a sloppy first draft the morning of, or clicking through online tasks just to get them done).

Me and my dog, Grace, on a walk

To ensure I attend to my mental and physical health needs, I have been focused on developing a few new healthy habits. Every day, I am sure to get at least 30 active minutes and 10,000 steps (as recommended by the American Heart Association), drinking 90+ ounces of water, sleeping around 8 hours, and giving myself the needed headspace when I would go into long work stretches. Usually, I logged active minutes by spinning at Lococycle or earning splat points at OrangeTheory. When I ran out of classes for the week or just needed a little bit more of a break, I would take my dog, Grace, on a short run. With these simple, consistent habits I became more satisfied with days’ accomplishments and even felt more relaxed. I think working out with my friends made these activities more fun and pushed me to work harder, too. I do anticipate my schedule becoming more hectic in the fall, but I plan on keeping up with these goals that I have set for myself. The better I feel, the more productive and happier I am.

Old Dominion concert at the Mid State Fair

Finally, I am striving to live the fullest life that I can. I truly love working, accomplishing professional goals, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but I find the greatest happiness in the people around me. I am driven to experience the world and see all that it has to offer. This summer, my friends and I have spent hours upon hours driving up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, to the desert, and up through the valley. We laid out by the pool, saw Old Dominion at the fair, and danced to Rascal Flatts on their Summer Playlist Tour. These were all rejuvenating and exciting experiences, but I think my favorite moments of summer were spent singing to our favorite SoundCloud mixes and country playlists in the car. Times like these remind me that where I’m going is just as important as how I get there.