Six Unique Date Ideas that Won't Break the Bank

We all love Mendocino Farms and Pinkberry, but if you find yourself repeatedly frequenting the same spots with your beau, try changing around your dating routine. (Boys, this is your hint to pay attention!) Not only will switching things up add some spice to your dating life, but you may also learn something new about your significant other. The best part is that doing fun activities with your guy doesn’t have to cost either of you an entire week’s paycheck. Suggest one of these ideas before your next romantic outing to impress him with your creativity. Don’t currently have a man in sight? You and your bestie will love going on these dates together as well.


1. Activity: Paddle Boarding in the Marina

    Cost: $20-$30 per person

It’s no secret that paddle boarding is becoming a popular water sport and it’s probably about time you jump on board (literally – ha!). Head down to the marina and check out SUP Wade for board rentals. This is a fun and flirty way to enjoy the outdoors with your new man.  Plus, if it gets hot out, you can always jump in the ocean for a swim.


2. Activity: South Bay Bike Trail

    Cost: $14 - $52

Ride along the South Bay trail from Daniel’s Bike Rentals in Marina Del Rey for a morning cruise with unbeatable views of the ocean. They have cruisers, 7-speed, 21-speed, and tandem bikes depending on if you’re aiming for a sweaty workout or a peaceful ride. Take the trail about 8.5 miles to Manhattan Beach and stop for breakfast to get to know your guy better (and to debate who took the best selfie on the way over).


3. Activity: Ice Cream at Kippy’s

    Cost: $10

This organic, vegan ice cream hot spot located down the street in Venice Beach will have you drooling over more than just your man. Kippy’s makes their delicious version of everyone’s favorite summer treat with coconut cream, honey, and other natural ingredients that taste as good, if not better, than traditional ice cream. Try the vanilla cappuccino or cinnamon flavors, topped with natural, chocolate magic shell that will make Dairy Queen jealous. Make sure to sample your dates selections too!


4. Activity: Santa Monica Pier

    Cost: $50 - $75

The Santa Monica Pier, complete with games, rides, and sugary treats, is not only fun for little kids. Exploring a theme park with a new guy is a creative idea that will take some of the first-date pressure off so that you both can focus on getting to know each other while having a fun time. Playing arcade games with your date will allow you to reminisce about your childhood days and show off your arcade game skills. Maybe he’ll even be a little cheesy and win you a stuffed animal or sneak in a kiss at the top of the ferris wheel.


5. Activity: Picnic on the Bluff

    Cost: $20-$30

Not ready to ditch your Mendocino Farms date nights? Take it to-go instead and set up a picnic on the bluff before sunset for a romantic, yet low-key meal. Feeling a little more creative? Create a homemade picnic basket instead complete with drinks, treats, and a blanket. If you already frequent the LMU bluff, bring your sandwiches to the beach for a different scene. Just make sure not to go on a windy night (food + sand = date night disaster)!


6. Activity: Yoga at Lululemon

    Cost: Free

If you’re guy is up for exploring beyond his comfort zone, get your vinyasa on with him at Lululemon in El Segundo. They host a free yoga every Sunday morning and will even lend you a mat for the class. Best scenario, he finds his new calling, worst scenario, you have a hilarious story to tell your friends about his less-than coordinated moves.