Six Makeup Products You Need to Try if You Loved 'Euphoria'

This Summer, just like everyone else on the planet, I became obsessed with HBO’s new show, Euphoria, starring (the queen) Zendaya. While the story, cinematography, and acting are all amazing, what caught a lot of people’s attention was actually the makeup looks in the show. Audiences were captivated by striking, colorful, and glittery eye looks. Euphoria’s main makeup artist, Doniella Davy, used a lot of Colourpop makeup on set and, believe it or not, a lot of his looks are fairly simple to recreate. So if you find yourself obsessing over Davy’s makeup creations on Euphoria, here’s a few products to help you achieve the same looks at home. 


1. Jules’s White Liner Clouds

One of Jules’s most simple, but also most beautiful looks. These white clouds are easily achievable with Colourpop’s creme gel eyeliner or liquid liner, depending on your preference. Both products are under $10 and have received amazing reviews. 


2. Rue’s Glitter Tears

Glitter is absolutely everywhere in the show, but one of the most iconic glitter looks in Euphoria is Rue’s glitter tears. My absolute favorite look was her eyes in the Halloween episode. To easily achieve a glitter eye, the Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid shadows ($24) for a smooth, chunky glitter look without the hassle!

3. Maddy’s Cool Toned Shadow

Maddy definitely has the most ambitious looks in the show, and she can rock a rhinestone like nobody else. The Colourpop, ‘She’s a Rainbow’, palette ($40) contains the perfect cool-tone shades, both matte and glitter, that can be used to achieve Maddy’s most iconic looks. I would include another palette, but the rest of the rainbow shades are just perfect for almost all of the other looks in the show! For the rhinestones, try this set from Amazon that contains 200 stones and is under $10! Just use your favorite lash glue as an adhesive and you’re good to go!

4. Jules’s Abstract Neon Looks

These are by far some of my favorite Jules looks from the show! Although they were used for only a few seconds each montage, the eye looks still shone through and stuck with me. Three of these looks have similar components of neon pinkish-orange eyeliner that can also be used to recreate one of Maddy’s looks. If you don’t have an orange lipstick laying around, this liner from Colourpop is perfect!

5. Kat’s Epic Neon Green Lids

One of Kat’s best and bold looks used throughout the show is her green eyeshadow, and it’s definitely a killer style. Doniella used a NYX creme eyeliner on her and applied it as a shadow. And after doing some digging, I’m pretty sure she used the Vivid Brights Liner in the shade, Vivid Envy. If this look is a bit bold for you, a simple green cat eye is definitely enough to channel Kat’s vibe.

6. Jules’s Halloween Party Glitter

Another one of my favorite looks from the show (can you tell I love Jules?) is the chunky glitter and romantic pink shadow. This look is incredibly unique and can be toned down a bit to be achievable. Doniella Davy used the Kryolan Metallic Flakes in Gold and lash glue as an adhesive. Just use your brand new rainbow palette from Colourpop for the shadow. Even blush shades and lipstick if you don’t have any pink shadow laying around!

There you have it, a few products to help you achieve your Euphoria makeup goals. Now go, experiment, and have fun!

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