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Sexual Assault Awareness Week

If you walked by the Hilton building on campus week, you are probably wondering what all the colored t-shirts hanging on clothesline are about. If you get up close, you will notice the somewhat gruesome words on some of the tees like, “just because I didn’t scream doesn’t mean I wanted it” and “rape cannot tear you down you are strong.” The reason for this slightly uncomfortable display, known as The Clothesline Project, is to expose the issue of sexual assault during SAAM, or Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Bringing awareness to this issue has become an increasing concern throughout college campuses across the country. According to dosomething.org, 20% of college women and 5% of college men will be assaulted during their time at a university. Furthermore, the site states “only about 5% of sexual assaults on college campuses are reported, making sexual assault the most underreported crime.” Common reasons for not reporting crimes of this nature are embarrassment, fear, and lack of resources. Whether or not you or someone you know has been a part of a sexually related crime, this issue is not only serious, but one to pay attention to in order to know how to intervene and provide support for victims.

The final reason is why LMU CARES is taking on such a large initiative to support this cause during SAAM. Along with the t-shirt display, the on campus organization is hosting an array of events such as a women’s self defense class and Denim Day. For more information and to learn about how you can help, visit LMU CARE’s Facebook page.

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