Sex and the City Fashion Moments

With all of the drama surrounding the cancellation of Sex and the City 3, I think it is perfect timing to look back at one of the main reasons we all love the series so much- the fashion. Sex and the City definitely had some of the most fabulously dressed characters in the history of television. The four ladies took risks with fashion and created some of the best trends. Here are a few of my all time favorite looks from the show and the movies.

1. Well of course, I have to start off with the famous outfit that started the show. This iconic look that appeared in every episode’s opening credits. Carrie’s tutu will always have a place in all of our hearts as being one of the cutest outfits she ever wore.


2. While the entire scene of Carrie trying on wedding dresses makes me swoon, nothing will beat the amazing Vivienne Westwood dress she ended up wearing. Let’s just forget about all of the drama that came at the wedding, shall we?

3. Speaking of wedding dresses, Charlotte was the epitome of what every girl wants to look like on her special day.

4. Samantha’s 50th birthday look. I hope when I’m that age I will be as Carrie said to her, “50 and fabulous”  

4. Miranda’s black and white dress she wore in the beginning of the second movie was Miranda’s chicest look to date.

5. Charlotte’s amazing pregnancy look. She looked so cute in her polka dot dress, but who can forget the iconic confrontation she had with Big in this ensemble?



6. One of my favorite Carrie moments is when she put her fur coat on over her pajamas and ran out into the New York snow on New Year’s Eve. Who knew sleepwear could look so high fashion? My favorite touch is the sequin beanie paired with the pearl necklace.

7. Samantha’s matching outfit with her dog. The two looked fabulous walking down Rodeo Drive in their twinning color scheme.

8. The time Charlotte channeled Elizabeth Taylor and looked all kinds of gorgeous.

9. And of course, Carrie’s Paris wardrobe. Everything about this Versace dress is perfection and I just want to wear it every day of my life.  


10. And let us never forget the dress she wore in the series finale when Big flew all the way to Paris to tell her how he felt. Goosebumps just thinking about it.

11. When the four of them were the girl squad you and your best friends strive to be. Each of these ladies had amazing style in their own way and will always be remembered for the beautiful outfits that graced our TV screens.