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Sam Smith: The Thrill of it All Concert Review

I have always been thrilled to watch concerts, but being in LA has given me different kinds of experiences, especially toward my passion for music. I really enjoy watching different kinds of concerts from various singers, and this has recently been made possible for me because of that fact that LA is one of the heart industries for music.

SEEING SAM SMITH LIVE has always been on my bucket list, so when he announced his tour and concert date in Los Angeles, I was so excited that I had been saving up my money to buy his concert tickets with my roommate.

August 29th was the DAYYY (THE DAY THAT I WAS WAITING SO LONG FOR)! On the way to the concert I was super duper excited to hear Sam Smith’s voice live because he is such a big inspiration for me.

In total, he sang around 20 songs, covering all the way from his recent album “The Thrill of it All” to some of his previous hit songs.

Thousands of people came in and filled the LA Staples Center. The crowd was cheering and waiting for Sam Smith to go up on the stage. When the clock striked 8, he opened the show with his song “Burning”. He followed it with “One Last Son” and the song that I had been waiting for, “I’m not the Only One”. Everyone started singing loudly and cheering for him as this is one of his best hit songs. “Lay Me Down” was next, and afterwards, he just continued to sing while the audience followed along.

Suddenly, a big triangle and circle lights came in the spotlight and he beautifully sang “Writings on the Wall,” which is one of the songs from the James Bond Spectre soundtrack.


I felt like the time passed by incredibly fast because I was enjoying cheering and singing along with my roommate so much. Sometimes, there were songs that he sang where we just sat and enjoyed the moment of listening to the beauty of music from his vocals.

Not only was he singing and getting lots of praise and claps from the audience, but Sam Smith also introduced the band Teams who helped him through the tour. He was really interactive with the audience and expressed how thankful he was to be performing in Los Angeles, which had always been a dream for him. He wanted to inspire those in the audience who were having either a good time or even a bad time.

The closing of the concert then came, and he sang his recent hit songs from the album, “Too Good at Goodbyes” and “Stay with Me”.

In only 2 hours, the concert had finished, and it was then time to part ways with him. I was sad that it had come to an end, but I was really happy to have heard one of my biggest inspirations sing live. His voice had given me trembles, and the songs that he sang just hit on my heart. I will definitely look forward to more concerts in LA or even more Sam Smith concerts in the future!

Me & My Roommate


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