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A Review of the Best Oreo Flavors

With the holidays nears the taste of seasonal flavored Oreos only seemed natural for this season festive mood. While the idea of tasting all the season filled Oreos seemed exciting my taste buds also know better than to trust my stomach. We start this journey with the basic Oreo, if someone wants to taste something new everyone needs to start somewhere. Since I’m not one to eat the normal Oreos I had to start with double stuffed a classic. They taste the same as always like blizzard mix that needs to be stirred into the ice cream. I’ll be holding off on the dairy just for this taste test this time.

Pumpkin spice has made it’s ways back on the shelves again. I was intrigued with the flavors Oreos decided to display this fall. Not all local targets or amazons have the flavors everyone is looking for and wants. But Pumpkin spice taste well, different but in a I’m okay with this flavor. Some almond milk will do just fine with accompanying the delicious cookies. The next I’ve tasted while they’re not seasonal but amazing are mint flavored. To be honest this is the only flavor I’ll always reach for during any season. The cool mint paired with anything is something Oreos should always be aware that they’ve successfully done. It’s a classic flavor they’ve created.

Moving along we come to Cookie Dough to which is high up on my favorites list. The problem with many excellent flavors is not everyone store will sell them. Yes, driving to Big Lots or in many cases a Value Dollar store will normally have the flavors you weren’t looking for but glad you found. I’ve learned from this Oreo does have Carmel Apple, Candy Corn, and Candy Cane as flavors this year. You’d probably find the cookies at a Target or Walmart.

My tip to everyone this holiday season is wait till Red Velvet comes back, it tastes amazing in milk.

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