Quit Slackin’, and Make Sh*t Happen

There are major differences between activism and slacktivism. Let me begin by saying even the smallest of efforts shouldn’t be discredited. You had an option to post that hashtag on your social media pages just like you had the option to engage in discourse- these are baby steps! However, we all know thoughts, prayers, and hashtags can only go so far. Slacktivism takes this backseat approach to tackling current societal, environmental, and political issues, whereas activism gets you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to invoke real change. After all, if you’re passive, you’re complicit.

So, where do you start? Start with you. Take some time to think through what you’re passionate about, put yourself in the shoes of the victims, and look at the world around you. And, start now because there is no better time than right now. Here are 4 straightforward ways to live the activist lifestyle:

1. VOTE!

You’ve heard it many times before, but I’ll say it louder for the people in the back: YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Some people have fame and some have money, but the sole power of the people is voting. This is an election year, and a perfect opportunity to ‘grab ‘em in the midterms’. First, you’ll have to register. Then, read up on the potential candidates and their initiatives to feel confident when you get to the booth.

2. Volunteer

Donating your time is directly impacting the cause your passionate about. If you’re big on women’s rights, like me, you’ll spend time helping Planned Parenthood. If you’re gunning for gun control, work alongside March For Our Lives.

3. Speak Up

No, I don’t mean posting to social media. I mean working your digits in a more progressive manner, such as writing, emailing, and calling congress daily or weekly. Don’t feel like your voice is enough? Insist your friends join you in writing, emailing, and calling. #strengthinnumbers

4. Boycott

With strength in numbers, don’t forget your dollar counts just as much as your voice. It’s a simple decision between favoring one brand or company over another in an effort to align your values and principles with your wallet. Buycott is an app making it incredibly easy for you to see how certain brands stack up.

Now, get out there and become the informed and passionate citizen we need!