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The Only Fall Accessory That You Need

Fall’s biggest accessory trend might just be the most unexpectedly basic. Yeah, thats right, the must have accessory right now is tights. Yes the same tights you wore on Christmas ages three to at least 6. The same ones I was forced to wear as part of my dress up uniform at my Catholic High School (I don’t want to talk about it, it just brings up traumatic memories of sitting outside for lunch, in ninety degree heat… in tights). The same tights that your grandma might in fact still wear. 

Honestly when I saw tights plastered all over Alexander Wang’s (aka the mecca for the millenial “cool girl”) runway at this past springs New York Fashion week, I couldn’t believe it (see Catholic High School traumatic tights incident above). But as shocking as it may be to me, come the most recent New York Fashion week, all of my favorite bloggers were sporting the trend on the streets. It makes sense; it always has been the perfect way to transition cute summer dresses and skirts into the colder fall months. And now I am fully prepared to hop on board with the trend despite my ugly past with tights. I love how there are so many options now from patterned to fishnet to extremely sheer, you can match your tights to your look and your overall style. Personally I love the look of sheer tights as I have an extreme fear of looking too preppy (another side affect of my high school? possibly). As seen on the Wang runway, it adds a bit of edge while still covering up. The perfect pair to achieve this look: L’eggs Sheer Energy Pantyhose.


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