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My Reaction to the Bachelor Finale in Gifs

I will admit and I have been watching the Bachelor franchise for many years now. I find the show to be very addictive because once you start a season, you cannot stop watching. This season seemed a little boring, but I can honestly say I had no idea it was going to be this dramatic of an ending. As one of the most famous bachelor phrases, “take this journey with me” while I watch the finale.

Starting the show knowing I will finally get answers


Arie telling his parents that he’s in love with both Lauren and Becca


Arie’s family bringing up Lauren during Becca’s entire date

Becca: * I don’t know her


Who the heck is this Caroline girl and what does she she know?

The only word they use to describe Machu Picchu is “wow”…



Omg Arie needs to stop saying, “I love that”        


“If I had to propose this second it would be to Lauren”

Ok but you said this last week about Becca…


Arie to Becca: “I’ll always be honest with you”


Oh now he’s saying that Becca could be his wife..


Arie: “This will be a really tough decision”


Wait so it’s the day of the proposal and Arie still hasn’t decided who he’s proposing to??


OMG OMG finally moment of truth who’s stepping out of the car first and going home…OMG LAUREN!!!!


Omg she has no idea he is breaking up with her


This is awful, but I can’t not watch


With one break-up comes a proposal. Here comes Becca


This cannot be a good sign


Happy for Becca but also wondering what this drama Chris Harrison keeps talking about is going to be



Ok Chris Harrison was telling the truth for the first time, this is the most dramatic ending EVERRR

OMG he’s breaking up with her on camera


Arie right now:


He literally wants to go back to Lauren


I feel so bad for Becca, but she’s handling it like a star. How is she so calm? I’m over here yelling at the TV


How many times does Becca have to tell him to leave before he gets it?!


Arie asking Becca “Are you OK?”…


OMG why is this the longest crying scene ever? Take the camera off of her!!


Now we have to wait for tomorrow night’s episode!!




This is so frustrating

They are acting like Becca doesn’t even exist


Yes girl gang supporting Becca!!


Arie is trying to explain himself to Becca as if he didn’t break her heart



She should came back with:


Why is Lauren acting like this is completely normal?


His proposal to Lauren


How did she say yes?!




Overall reaction is that this was the most dramatic Bachelor ending, but I am very let down as a fan and do not agree with Arie’s decision.



I can’t wait for next season and Becca to find her true love!


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