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My Goals for 2022 that You Can Use Too

1. eat healthier, but don’t be sad about it

Eating healthier is one of those quintessential new year’s resolutions, but it really is an important one. However, it is also important to be able to enjoy life, and food is a way to do that. Fortunately with the guidance of Instagram influencers who are promoting the same idea, I’m throwing out the idea that healthy equals sad, restrictive and boring. Instead, I’m going to make healthier swaps for foods I already love to eat and introduce even more fruits and vegetables to my diet while still keeping dishes and foods I love in rotation. It’s about balance, not restriction!

2. Move a little more

Once again, a pretty basic resolution, but an important one! I know that an intense workout regimen is difficult for me; therefore, my goal for 2022 is just to get moving a little more. I want to take more walks, take the stairs more, park farther away from the storefront, dance everyday, etc.

3. Get in and start attending grad school (in a new place)

I’m a senior in college already, and I’ve always wanted to continue my education and get my Master’s degree. I’m currently in the process of completing my applications to a few schools for Fall 2022, so fingers crossed that it works out! I’ve lived in California for my whole life and I love it here. However, I would love the opportunity to get a taste of what else is out there, if only for a little while. 

4. Read more

I watched a criminal number of movies in 2021 (in the triple digits), but only read one book. I’ve never been a huge reader, but after really enjoying the one that I read, I’ve decided to read a lot more in 2022. I haven’t committed to reading a certain number, rather just letting myself read when I want to. 

5. Buy less

I am definitely an impulse shopper, especially at thrift stores because thrifting is a source of stress relief for me. I often end up buying clothes that I like at the moment, but they don’t fit with the rest of my wardrobe or lifestyle and end up collecting dust in my closet. The goal here is to shift my mindset from impulse to intentional buying and really thinking about whether I want, need and deserve the items I am thinking of purchasing. 

Valentina Zamarian is a Senior Communication Studies major, double minoring in Public Relations and Women's and Gender Studies.
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