My Definitive Ranking of New Girl Thanksgiving Episodes

When it comes to Thanksgiving television episodes, the general consensus of who takes home that championship trophy is probably Friends. But that was the last decade, and as we near the end of another one, New Girl is arguably the Friends of the past ten years – especially when it comes to iconic Thanksgiving episodes. So, in the spirit of thanks, here are my definitive rankings of New Girl Thanksgiving episodes, a show I am oh-so thankful for.


5. Season 6, Episode 7: Last Thanksgiving


I hate to make the last loft Thanksgiving my least favorite, but it had to be done. Jess and Robby’s relationship was a little tough to watch, but the shining light of this episode was that Robby managed to list some of the cutest qualities about our leading lady – reminding all of us viewers to find “the one” who recognizes just how special you are. And of course, the last Thanksgiving in the infamous loft would be incomplete without a mishap: this time ending with a turkey on the floor because Nick Miller’s dainty hands couldn’t take the heat. Although it is last on the list, the episode did make my heart melt at how much this wonderful group of friends has been through.


4. Season 2, Episode 8: Parents


Everybody loves a good parent trap moment – but concocted by Jessica Day? A disaster is certainly in store. If it isn’t bad enough that Nick has a thing for Jess’ mom, Schmidt’s cousin drives Schmidt insane all day. And Jess’ parents verify that Friends With Benefits can also be Exes With Benefits. So, Jess finds herself once again at a Thanksgiving table with a slightly broken heart. But as always, it all turns around. And our favorite group of friends (now family) enjoys another iconic Thanksgiving. Oh, and also, shameless plug for our Queen Cece attempting to destroy toxic masculinity by making Schmidt’s cousin share a heated kiss with Winston.


3. Season 3, Episode 10: Thanksgiving III


The crew goes camping! It’s our first Thanksgiving with Nick and Jess as a couple, and we get the inside scoop on the love triangle of Cece, Winston, and Schmidt. We watch our darling male leads go from boys to men out in the wilderness (with an extra dramatic touch) and in the spirit of catastrophic Thanksgivings, a delirious Jess suffering from mercury poisoning. It wouldn’t be a New Girl Thanksgiving without ending up at a hospital, would it?


2. Season 4, Episode 9: Thanksgiving IV


Coining the holiday “Bangsgiving”, Schmidt takes the lead this season. Thanksgiving at the loft becomes a single’s party, with a laughable wrestling match between Nick and Schmidt, Tran’s first time at the loft, finding out about Cece and Schmidt’s “Never List”, and of course – the British cutie we never knew we needed -- Ryan Geauxinue. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not Nick, but he makes Jess happy…and seeing Jess happy on Thanksgiving is bound to warm your heart.


1. Season 1, Episode 6: Thanksgiving


New Girl’s first Thanksgiving episode did it best by setting the precedent for crazy Thanksgivings. In standard Jessica Day fashion, she thinks Thanksgiving is the perfect time for her first date with Paul. Within the crazy awkwardness however, we are gifted with the culinary skills of Schmidt and Cece, Nick’s grumpiness at an all-time high, a list of sexiest holidays compliments of Schmidt, a turkey in a dryer, a Black Friday serenade, and of course…a dead body. The episode is loaded with hilarious one-liners, chaos to the maximum, and really, really wholesome moments. It was a tough call to make, but the first Thanksgiving in the loft was an unforgettable one, so how could it not be my first choice?