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Since I can remember, my parents have told me to stay away from poisons like Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, etc.  When I tried 5-Hour-Energy, I knew I was in for quite an experience.

Except then I wasn’t.  This week before finals is called “Hell Week” for a reason; sleep deprivation, absolute caffeine dependency, and literally becoming a hermit.  On Wednesday night, I got four hours of sleep, and told my friends it felt like a luxury. At the beginning of the week on Monday night, just my painful experience was beginning, I decided to drink that tiny little bottle.  It was 8:30 pm and I was beginning to lose motivation and my eyes felt like they were closing.  I looked to that bottle of 5-Hour-Energy as a glimmer of hope, and I hoped it would revive me and give me the energy to bust out my work.

Just to provide a frame of reference: I unhealthily live and breathe coffee.  I usually have coffee twice a day- sometimes thrice- and it’s usually with multiple shots of espresso.  I’m pretty reliant on my coffee.

So, by 10:30 (which is the next time I checked the time), when I was still falling asleep, you can believe I was disappointed.  I don’t know what kind of chemicals were in those four calories, but I was very ecstatic about returning to my regular and arguably more “natural” form of caffeine the next day: coffee.

By: Sara Sobolev

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